Friday, February 12, 2010

A Peace Corps Volunteer Fundraising Marathon – Please Help Our Cause!


Hello family, friends, and those random passers-by on the Interweb!

This coming March 27th, 2010, I will be joining dozens of other Peace Corps Volunteers in the eastern province of Mpumalanga (in South Africa) for the 6th annual Longtom Marathon/Half-marathon hosted by the KLM Foundation (, founded by two former Peace Corps Volunteers.


And I’m asking for your help! Please consider the impact of a simple contribution! A small amount of US Dollars can go very far in the education of a child here in South Africa.


What It’s All About:

The KLM Foundation is a scholarship and leadership development program that provides superior secondary education for young girls and boys from previously disadvantaged, rural communities in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. KLM was created to redress the impact of apartheid on South Africa’s educational system.

Last year, the KLM foundation raised about $15,000 through this event, and we are hoping to exceed that this year. One of the great things about donating to this particular cause is that I can assure you that your donation is going directly to fund the education of a deserving child.

For more information, please see the KLM Website or the KLM newsletter (at the bottom of this blog).


Why Me?

I am currently training for the half-marathon here in my village. I am running for three reasons:


Matson&Preschoolers (240x180)

1) To show my support and acknowledge that children from disadvantaged areas still have just as much potential and just as much right to further their education and make a difference in this world.

Empowering children from a rural community to succeed and then come back to empower future generations is an incredible thing. I’ve seen it happen in my village.


P1100056 (240x180)

2) To get your support, too! Please help with any donation you feel comfortable making!






P1100377 (240x180)3) To stay in shape! And, promote healthy lifestyles through running and exercise in my village. I’ve got a great team of elementary, middle, and high school kids training with me every day at 5pm for 1-2 hours!




Why You?

Please think of a reason to take 5 minutes to contribute.


How to Donate:

There are two ways to donate. You can donate any amount (it can be $100 or even just $5). Any amount helps!

  • Online: visit and click the photo where it says Donate. This will bring you to a secure http connection. Then, be sure to include my name (Matson Contardo) in the Longtom Marathon field.


  • Check: Make out a check to: Kgwale Le Mollo (US)

Put a post-it note saying the donation is in your name with the check.

Mail it to:

KLM Foundation (US)

c/o Bowen Hsu

461 So. Bonita Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91107



P1100070 (240x180) P1090700 (240x180) (240x180)P1100369 (240x180) P1100356 (240x180)


KLM Website:

Check out (great website with a lot of information)


KLM Holiday 2009 Newsletter:

(I realize it’s a bit small and difficult to read, but this blog editor does not allow me to post PDFs. You can try clicking on the photo below to open a larger version or email me and I will send you the original PDF, which is much easier to read.)

Holiday_Flyer_2009,_FINAL (25Nov09)



Thank you, again.◊ Salang Sentle—Stay Well

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