Monday, March 15, 2010

Fantastic Fundraising Feat!


I am astounded—absolutely amazed at your generosity!

Believe it or not, but in the last week, another $390 were raised (in seven days!)

That brings the fundraising grand total to $1,155.00!

I cannot believe it, myself. Thank you all so much for digging deep!

P1110027 (240x180)I received an update on the KLM overall fundraising: turns out with your help,  we’re closing the gap between last year’s total of $13,000 but still far from 2008’s total of $21,000.

We all know the biggest push in marathoning (fundraising or running) comes just before the finish line. That finish line is right around the corner, less than 2 weeks away! So please, if you have been considering giving something, please consider giving now.




P1100874 (240x180)It’s another Monday morning for many of you—if you’re looking for a way to avoid having to make that morning communal coffee for you and your coworkers, look busy (as well as give an incredible gift of education to a disadvantaged child) by hopping online here to donate! If they ask you to make the coffee, you can say, “Sorry, I’m busy giving education to a child in South Africa.” They’ll probably go make the coffee.




To read more on the KLM Foundation:

P1090809 (240x180) (240x180)

Salang Sentle—Stay Well

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