Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good news all around!

First off, a quick fundraising update!

Since I forgot to get a blog update to you all last weekend, I’ll fill you in on how we’re doing on raising funds for the Kruger Park Reimbursement Fundraiser and the KLM Half-Marathon:

“Running” Total (pun cheesily intended): $300

First week: 5 people donated $75 through Facebook;  1 person donated $25 from my blog

-->Weekly goal met! Thank you!!<--

Second week: $100 donated from the blog!


I have just over 3 weeks left to raise the rest!

Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it: Be one of 7 people this week to help me raise $280 (that’s $40/person). Think it’s doable?? Let’s please try it!


To show my continued commitment to this fundraiser, I’ve been continuing to train for the 13-mile race. I’m up to 6 miles, 3 days a week with a determined group of boys ages 12-15, most running on gravel roads without shoes. Thank you for your support! And now…

Photo Intermission!


 Making tin-can ice cream on a hot summer day!


  And enjoying tin-can ice cream on a hot summer day!


 Toy foam pills turned into dinosaurs in water(shoutout to Liz “Lizasaurus Rex” Doane! Thanks!)



 Playing in the rain


Backyard sunset


P1140264(480c360)These dramatic skies appear overhead practically every summer evening and happen more often than I can remember.

Onto the truly great news!

I’d like to congratulate my sister, Eden, her husband, Seth, and their son, Austin, for their most recent addition to the family: Jonah Michael Boyer. He was born into this beautiful world on February 25, 2011, happy and healthy! The whole family is doing very well.

I’m looking forward to meeting my newest nephew in 7 months. But for now, Skype and photos will have to do.


Last few thoughts:

-I’ve been slacking on photos. I’m sorry, pictures always make things more fun to read! More to come…

-A HUGE thanks to Dr. Johnson and the faculty at St. Cloud State University for coming together to send our school some great science supplies! Safe travels to South Africa, Dr. Johnson and group!

-If you’ve already donated, THANK YOU! If you think your friend may want to support this cause, please forward the information or Facebook link!

-It’s still freakin’ hot here!


I’d love some input: what do you want to hear about that I’ve been neglecting to blog about! Leave a comment or write me an email and let me know! ◊ Salang Sentle—Stay Well

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  1. thanks Matson! Hope the fund raising continues to go well-hope to skype w/ you soon!
    Love, Eden, Seth, Austin & Jonah