Monday, March 21, 2011

The Right To Be Human

I got pooped on today by an infant. I wouldn’t make that up just for a cheap laugh. It really happened. I’ve got witnesses.

I wasn’t planning to start my blog posting this way, but now you’re with me, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep reading to find out what happened?

On a more serious note, to today is Human Rights Day here in South Africa. There are several aspects of Human Rights that I reflect on today and I’ll share with you here.


I just finished Nelson Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. It was absolutely incredible and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about South Africa’s struggle against Apartheid and Madiba’s personal role in all of it. One particular part of his life that surprised me was how active he was in “the struggle” while in prison for 27 years starting in 1964. I had gotten half way in his book (which was roughly 750 pages) and had only gotten to his imprisonment. There was so much that happened while he was imprisoned on Robben Island.

It really opened my eyes and gave me some more perspective on how far South Africa has come. Even in prison with little to no consistent contact to the outside world, Mandela and others fought for true and indivisible rights of humans.


In the spirit of Human Rights Day, I want to make a plea to you to help me finish this fundraiser with one great last push. I compete in the KLM charity half-marathon this Saturday with dozens of other Peace Corps Volunteers and thousands of other general public participants. I’ve been training very hard (about 40km per week) and hope to beat my time by 10 minutes.

Please take some time and ask yourself if you can put aside $15 for this Kruger Park/Half-Marathon fundraiser. It’s the price of a quick meal out while at work. I won’t be asking for any more donations after this week. So please, if you’ve been wanting to help but put it on your to-do list, please take just a few minutes to do it now.

Sadly, I didn’t make anything near to my $1000 goal. I only came up with about $300. Last year, you helped me raise over $13oo! I know money may be tight, but just a little from all of us can really go far!

So, do you think you can help? (It’s OK, I’ll wait until you come back!)

You can go to either link to donate:

My Facebook Donation Link

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Are you back? Cool, thank you for donating!


Finally, I’ll share with you the poop story for all of you who were patiently waiting.

My host brother recently had a baby boy born in January. His name is Tlhompo. Here are some pictures of him:



I was over at his mother’s house this evening and got to hold him. He had just eaten, so he had a bit his stomach decided to share with his shirt. No major damage done yet…

It had been a while since I got to see my nephew. And I guess he was also really excited to see me that he just couldn’t contain himself.

Everyone turned to me once I discovered that the rumblings were not him burping, and immediately the room of women and children burst into laughter, myself included. I think that was the first time I was ever pooped on. I can’t complain that I wasn’t given anything for Human Rights Day. And Tlhompo certainly expressed his right to be human and very matter-of-factly so.

And now, I leave you with a Poo Haiku.

Happy infant on my lap

Rumbling tummy

Got to change


Please, please, consider making a donation. It’s the last chance. Here are the two links again:

My Facebook Donation Link

My Previous Blog Posting

Thanks and wish us all luck on the race this Saturday! ◊ Salang Sentle—Stay Well

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